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Beauty Without Compromise


When I was in High School, I was on the tennis team.  My dad decided to get me the best tennis racket, best tennis shoes, and started looking for nice, modest tennis skirt/outfit. It was going to be expensive!  I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.  My mom asked him why he was going to spend all that money on an outfit like that.  His reply?  "Just because she has to be modest doesn't mean she has to look bad!  She's going to be the best looking one out there!"
That has stuck with me my entire life.  I absolutely love my dad for that!  But even though I agreed, it seemed like it was so hard to find things that looked beautiful and modest.  Sometimes I would have to compromise.  Usually I would just have to choose something that I didn't love because, well, it was modest.  Once in a while, I'd compromise my standard of modesty a little for the sake of feeling "pretty."  
But it shouldn't have to be that way!  It is so exciting how many options we have now.  There also seem to be a growing number of modest bloggers showing so many beautiful outfits.  Each one has their own unique style, which only makes it more beautiful.  I love how they show it truly is possible to have Beauty without Compromise.

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