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Curating Your Closet Beyond the Neutrals

In my last post, we cleaned out your closet or we at least thought about it.  

(If you missed that post, check it out here.)   We weren't talking about crazy purging at that stage.  Just carefully thinking about each item in your closet - do you actually like it?  

You may have googled capsule wardrobe and seen 33 items or less suggestions and thought, "I could never do that!"  You can breathe...I'm not going to give you a number. ;)

We noticed your favorite neutrals, most likely they are the ones you have the most of.  For me, it was definitely navy, khaki, and cream.  But we didn't toss out ones that weren't our ideal colors if we still loved for me, I still have two black dresses and a skirt I couldn't part with because they fit so beautifully.  But we did separate those from our "favorite" neutrals.

Today, we're going back in your closet.  This time we're looking for pops of color.  

The Pinks

Which color is standing out?  Which one do you have the most of?  Or maybe it's not one you have the most of, but a color that makes you feel beautiful every time you wear it. 

Maybe more than one color stood out.  Three colors stood out for me.  My main color is a soft, bright blue.  But then I love wearing a coral color spring and summer and a little burgundy in the fall and winter.   I could not part with those, so I separated them from the rest. 

  The Greens

Now pair them with your neutrals.  Hopefully they look good together.  For a few weeks, try wearing only those "favorite" neutrals and colors.  I have absolutely loved mixing them up!  And it has made getting ready super easy.


The Blues

Doing all of this slowly will help you know what you like.  Don't be in a hurry to toss everything but one skirt and one shirt because nothing else "fits" the pinterest wardrobe you think you want.  Yes.  Definitely look up the color capsule you think you would like, and maybe a "second" capsule with the other color you love.  Wear those for a little while to see if you actually like them.

If you do go shopping, keep those colors in mind and items that would add to your wardrobe to help you use what you already have.  Think do you really need to add another black skirt to add to the ten you already have?  But maybe you need another shirt to go with that brown skirt you love.


Again, this is not about a number.  It is about making your closet work for you.  It is about having a closet of clothing that you love and wear.  There is no right or wrong way to do a capsule wardrobe.  Every single person has their own "number".  Some even have a couple "capsule" wardrobes in their closet.  You can explore those options and see what works for you.  What you do want is at least one "set" or capsule of clothing that go together.  When they do, you will be able to wear that capsule in many different ways. 


I have found that if I do go with a color that is outside of my color palette, a dress is the easiest because I don't need to worry about it matching anything else.  Or after you get everything set, maybe a shirt that goes with a favorite skirt you already own. 

The Pinks


I want to encourage you to get a notebook and write down your major colors, your neutrals & color, your minor colors, accents colors (shoes, purse, jewelry), and even which patterns and styles do you feel the best in?  Do they all go together?  You want everything to go together so you never have to worry about not having a top to match the skirt you want to wear.  I loved using this free printable wardrobe planner after I got past these two steps.


I have enjoyed having a more curated closet.  I feel more confident and comfortable.  Even though my closet is much smaller (though still big enough), I never feel like I have nothing to wear...which was a problem before.

 The Reds

I would love to know, have you already started, thinking about it?  Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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