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How It Started ~ The Ribbon Necklace

It all started with the Ribbon Necklace

I love beautiful things!  

I love having them around me.  

I LOVE creating them.  

Seeing what I can do with my own hands.

About 5 years ago, we were missionaries to Ukraine home on our second furlough.  Traveling was hard because I couldn't create my own "little home", I had nothing creative I could do.  So I started making ribbon necklaces for my girls.  When we visited churches, people would come up and ask where I got those necklaces and purses from.  When they found out that I made them, they would say, "You ought to start selling them!"  I did not think that was something that I could handle as I missionary, so just smiled and said, "Thank you!"  If I had opportunity, I would give out some of the things I made to Pastor's daughters or people we stayed with.


Little did I know how the Lord would work!  When he called us back to the States, I kind of stopped making them as we had to start setting up house again with nothing.  That kept me busy for a while!  


I am so excited about this next step!  What was once a "nice thought" is now starting to happen!


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