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Mommy's Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

"Mommy's" Ice Cream Cake has now become a birthday favorite.  The first one started a couple years ago.  My son wanted a mint ice cream cake.  What is a mommy to do but get creative?  So, I made him one with chocolate mint ice cream and chocolate mint cookies.  This year he asked again for "Mommy's Ice Cream Cake", but wanted me to surprise him.  I made a chocolate one with oreos.  Pretty straight forward.

 Everyone loved it so much, that the requests started coming in for birthdays coming up.  My daughter requested a pink ice cream cake.  I already knew what I wanted to do... Strawberry!  It was delicious!  It is so easy that I'm not even sure it can be called a recipe.

I like to use a spring form pan so we can "frost" the sides, but I have used a 9x13 pan as well (for a peppermint candy cane ice cream cake).

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

1 Qt. 1 Pt. Strawberry Ice Cream

1 Qt. 1 Pt.Circus Cookie or Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream Topping

Golden Oreos, crushed in food processor

8 oz. Whipped topping, thawed in fridge overnight


1. Take strawberry ice cream out of freezer and soften for 15 minutes, or until soft.

2.  Spread it in your pan.  Freeze for 15 minutes or until firm.  Take top ice cream out of freezer to soften.

3.  Press Oreos on the strawberry layer.  

4.  Spread the Strawberry topping over the pressed cookies.

5.  Spread either the cookie or vanilla ice cream on top.  Place in freezer for 15 minutes or hardened.

6.  Slide the butter knife along the edges to loosen, then open the spring form sides and remove.

7.  Spread the whipped topping over the top and sides of the "cake".  

8. Decorate as desired.  Freeze until ready to serve.


🍰🍓The only thing I'd do different next time would be to add chopped cheesecake to the vanilla ice-cream. 


This is definitely a family favorite now, and SO easy! There are so many variations you could do with this!  Just do the same layers - ice cream bottom, crushed cookies, sauce, ice cream, whipped topping.  My husband is dreaming of a peanut butter cup or butterfinger ice cream cake...but first, the next one requested is purple. I'm thinking maybe blackberry. 😉  What would you do?


  • Thank you so much, Almira! That sounds so tasty too!

  • Oh! That sounds like a wonderful idea, Elisabeth! You definitely need to try it!

  • BlackBerry or raspberry sounds wonderful for a purple cake!
    I love all these ideas. Have fun making the purple cake. I look forward to seeing the pictures!
    And chopped pieces of cheesecake sound awesome, or cream cheese mixed with berries, or the juice- and dropped in little dollops over the top of the cake…😃

    Almira Kline
  • Sounds Delicious! I may have to do this for Christmas this year. We always buy a ice cream cake and to celebrate/commemorate Jesus Birthday! These looked so delicious!!

    Blackberry sounds like a great idea!

    Elisabeth Perkins

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