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The Capsule Wardrobe ~ Getting Started

The Neutral Collection

Do you have an entire wardrobe filled with clothing, but still when it's time to get ready for an event you still can't find anything to wear?  Or maybe tons of shirts, lots of skirts...but they don't go together?  I'm over here raising my hand because I could say YES to both of those questions, and plenty more.  One Saturday morning I had had enough and just started weeding out everything that I knew I didn't like and would never wear.  In the process of throwing out things, I stumbled upon capsule wardrobes.

Maybe you're where I was and are ready to begin.  Maybe you are wondering what I am talking about, or maybe you think it's crazy but just clicked to see what I was going to say.  Whatever you're reason, glad you are here joining me in this short series on building your Curated Closet, your capsule wardrobe.  I'll break this up into easy bite-sized pieces.  Taking your time, carefully thinking about each step will help you get the curated look that you are going for.


Beige Skirt Khaki Dress Cream Dot Shirt

Grab yourself some chocolate and let's get started.

The first step is pulling EVERYTHING from your closet.  This may take a few trips and you could also commission a few helpers.  Drag it all out to an area that has plenty of space.  For me it was the living room.

Next, organize into piles of LOVE, NEVER WEAR, and a Hmmmm pile.

Now that we have our piles, hang the LOVE pile back up in your closet.  Set aside your NEVER WEAR pile to either donate or sell.  Go through your Hmmm pile again.  Try some things on to decide if it's a keep, or hang them up a little separated from the rest of your love clothing.  If you've decided you don't really like it, add it to your donate pile.


Now's where the fun begins!  Time to build the foundation for your closet!  


Take a look back through your closet.  Which neutral colors stand out the most in your closet?  

Do you have a lot of whites, khaki, navy, gray,brown, black?  Take note of the neutral color that stands out the most.

 Black Dress

Once you've found it, notice what other neutrals are dominant in your closet?  The reason you're looking at YOUR closet and not immediately going to pinterest is because whatever is dominant in your closet is what you're more likely to wear.  There are hundreds of beautiful capsule wardrobes on pinterest, but you want it to feel like YOU.

Start moving those neutrals together to see what neutral color combinations you like.  You can have several neutrals, but usually one dominant, dark neutral ~ like black, navy, or dark brown.  (But don't toss those other dark neutrals.  We'll talk about that in another post.)

Gray Dress   Khaki Dress Beige Skirt

Yay!  You have the foundation for your wardrobe ready.  Notice if there are any items that you feel you need to add to that.  This time of year maybe a coat in one of your neutrals.  Make sure you have jackets and sweaters in your neutral colors.  You don't have to go out shopping just yet.  Take notes.  Search pinterest for capsule wardrobe ideas with your neutrals.


Separate your "ideal" neutrals from neutral pieces that you just love too dearly to part with even though they don't "fit" with the rest.  We'll talk about those pieces later.


Let me know, have you heard of capsule wardrobes before?   And if you've started one, I'd love to hear about it!  If I can help at all, please let me know.


  • Going to have to try this! I was just saying I have so many things in my closet I NEVER wear. Plus I need to switch over from my spring/summer clothes to my fall/winter clothes. Thanks!!!

    Elisabeth Perkins
  • Ironically, I just cleaned out my closet yesterday 🙂, I’d not heard of a capsule wardrobe, but would love to get started. It would simplify my life as I am one who stands and stares into my closet each day.

    Merica Curran
  • Interesting. Looking forward to hearing more. I have never heard of a capsule wardrobe. I just cleaned out my closet last week. Going to try organizing it this way.
    Thanks 💞Cheryl

    Cheryl Mintz

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