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Pretty Pink Packages

    There's something special about getting something from a little boutique, isn't there?  All the pretty options, the way they wrap it up...the pink packages. ;)

 When the Lord called us back to the States after serving as missionaries in Ukraine, we came back with just a suitcase and a couple carry-ons.  That mostly held diapers and school books.  When we knew God wanted us to stay, any extra money I received went 100% to setting up home.

Then I went through some health things that made it so I wasn't able to go out shopping.  I started to get depressed about the way I looked.  That's when I discovered online boutiques.  They had such beautiful clothing!  It seemed so hard to find something that was not only modest, but in a color and pattern I liked!  I felt like I hit the jack pot!  Only, it was much more than I usually would pay for a dress.  Finally, I gave in and placed my first order.  How exciting it was to receive my little, pink package in the mail!  The dresses made me feel so pretty!  For the first time in a long time, I started feeling like putting a little effort into how I looked instead of just throwing things on because nothing looks good anyways.

That pink package really was a turning point for me.  

My husband quickly learned...Pretty pink packages that come in the mail...these are a few of my favorite things!!!

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