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The Making of the Ruffle Skirt

Pretty ruffle skirts are going live tomorrow in sizes 4-12. Each skirt has been lovingly hand made by me. It has taken me so long to complete these, I almost thought they'd never get done! (You probably did too. haha) Every time I thought I was almost done, something would come up...sicknesses, and just normal, homeschool/church life. 

So, why would I take the time to make these skirts myself? Ever since I started this little business, my desire has been to provide beautiful, modest clothing for you and your girls. As I search and search for the "perfect outfits", it has been extremely difficult to find things for girls that I was 100% in love with. It was frustrating to place my large orders, only to find the quality was not to my liking or the length was not what I wanted. I was making dresses for my own girls and thought, why not? The quality and beauty of a handmade garment just cannot be beat. If I enjoy them SO much, I know others will!

When I shared this with a dear lady at church, it was just a thought. Next thing I knew, she had a pattern made for me and a set of ruffle skirts! Wow! (Those original skirts will be available on the website tomorrow too.) She was and is such a blessing and encouragement to me, pushing me much further than I thought I could go. She put up with my many pattern tweeks without getting too frustrated with me...at least to my face. haha  These skirts are pretty limited, but I am already working to restock in case of sell-out. I also have it available for limited preorders.

Beauty without compromise?  Yes. I truly believe it is possible...and if I can't find it, I will make it. ;)

 Love you all very much! Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you and your family!

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  • What a beautiful story, Jessica! These skirts are so sweet + feminine, and I love that you persevered even though it turned out to be a pretty big project. Way to go!!

    love in Christ,


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